Now You See Me 3 on the cards!

Now You See Me 3 Release date

The rumours of ‘Now You See Me 3’ being dead has been shutdown as the movie is confirmed to be out soon! As per the sources, the long awaited sequel of the superhit movie ‘Now You See Me’ is in news to be in making right now.

Released in 2013, ‘Now you see me’ was a great movie and big commercial hit. The second installment came in 2016 was not able to impress the audience like the original one but still it also did pretty good and was able to do decent business on the box office.

The third installment of the the movie was confirmed back in 2015, even before the release of the second installment. Jon Feltheimer was signed as the director for the movie. After the release of second installment in 2016, fans were waiting eagerly for the third part but there was no official announcement from the makers. So we speculated that the movie has got cancelled since there was no news even after 3 years of the announcement.

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Then recently on this, the makers have confirmed that they are working on the third sequel already and the news will be official soon. The plan was  can not be cancelled anyway. Although it is taking time to be released, it is definitely on the cards.

As per the rumours in the market, the movie is in making since 2015 and the script has been finalized long back. All these hints head into the conclusion that ‘Now You See Me 3’ is going to be released this year itself.

The script has already been finalized back in 2016 which has not been disclosed yet. The original characters will be repeated with a different storyline. The main characters like Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Caine, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo etc will reprise their roles in the third installment also. It is expected that this movie will also be having a British villain like the prequels.

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The original movie was released in 2013 followed by the sequel in 2016. As per the pattern, the third installment will definately be released in 2019. So, it is very likely that the movie will hit the floors anytime soon. The official notification regarding the release of the movie will be out in few days.

So, what are your expectations from ‘Now You See Me 3’ ? Let us know in the comments below.

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