Offers: These Nintendo Labo kits are a bargain for only £ 10.99 each (UK)



Nintendo & # 39; s Labo The kits are an ingenious example of the company's imagination and the versatility of the Switch, and we had a great time with each of the four kits currently available. The cardboard may not have years of longevity, but the new experiences they offer make them worth more than the sale price, if you ask us, especially if you have children.

However, if the PVP is a bit spicy for your tastes, the UK online retailer Very is currently selling three of the four kits (unfortunately, the VR) for just under £ 11 each. huge discount. For that kind of money, it is not a problem if the cardboard does not pass the holiday season after the grandfather accidentally sits on them, so it is worth collecting them in time for Christmas:

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Delivery within the United Kingdom is free from Very with orders over £ 25, so you must buy all three to avoid paying shipping and handling (or find something else in the store to reach that line of £ 25). Anyway, this is a very tasty offer if you have been wondering about Labo, but discouraged by the price.

If you are looking for more information about these kits, you can check our reviews:

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