Olivia Wilde establishes the next directing concert with the biographical film of Olympic gymnast Perfect


Just out of her critically acclaimed directorial debut, BOOKSMART, Olivia Wilde has now aligned her next leadership project. Wilde will direct PERFECT, a biographical film about Olympic gymnast Kerri Strug.

The project, which is said to be among the most talked about packages to the European Film Mark in Berlin, is based on the book "Landing On My Feet, A Diary Of Dreams" by Strug and John P. Lopez. The story tells the true story of Strug's tenacity to win against all odds that led to the first gold medal of the US Team. UU. In the 1996 Olympic Games. Strug became the center of the event when he completed his last vault in the Atlanta games with a badly injured ankle.

Wilde heads to Berlin to discuss the project with potential buyers and the casting is underway while we talk. Ronnie Sandahl takes care of screenwriting tasks, while Riverstone Pictures and Pulse Films are producers of the film. Wilde will be executive producer with Deepak Nayer, Marisa Clifford and Sandahl.

Olivia Wilde is known primarily as an actress in films such as ALPHA DOG, TRON: LEGACY and RICHARD JEWELL, but she boasted directing her stores with BOOKSMART, which earned her the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature Film. BOOKSMART really impressed me and Wilde seems to have a good eye for the ship, even after a single excursion. While this new film does not sound as salacious as I, TONYA, has the potential to reach critical praise for that film based on its premise and source material.

Are you on board for Olivia Wilde's next address concert?

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