One Direction fans have been looking for Louis Tomlinson to perform in India, #LouiscometoIndia trends

Louis Tomlinson

One Direction fans trend #LouiscometoIndia on Twitter and everyone seems to be crazy about it. The One Directions fans want Louis Tomlinson to perform in India. It is about their enthusiasm for the petition that has led to #LouiscometoIndia be the No.1 trend on Twitter.

One Direction fans want Louis Tomlinson to come to India. The fans have now started trending the hashtag #LouisCometoIndia. The hashtag was the number one trend on Twitter. However, back in the year 2019, Louis Tomlinson had confirmed that he wants to come to India.

One Direction fans recently celebrated the band’s 10th anniversary. Both the fans, and the band members Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles joined in the celebration. They have all shared posts on social media about this anniversary as well as thanked the fans for their constant support.

The One Direction fans are making headlines all over again. The fans are looking forward to this popular One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson to come to India. A few fans tweeted it using this hashtag, seeing which many other One Directions fans from India followed and joined in. The hashtag was the number one trend on Twitter in India within just a couple of hours.

A lot of his fans have also shared a tweet from 2019 where Louis Tomlinson responded to question about his probability of visiting India. It all started when a fan had asked Louis on Twitter, by writing, “What about ur India tour @Louis_Tomlinson? Can we expect em for real? Sorry, we’re all separate coz no one comes here for tours”. Louis responded to it by saying that he wants to come to India and promised that he is going to get back really soon. 

It was all about an incident back in the year 2019, when this tweet went viral in no time and many Louis Tomlinson and One Direction fans from India were waiting for the Too Young singer to perform in India. Louis Tomlinson is yet to add India to his tour dates. With this old tweet, the fans have also shared the pictures and clips of Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik who were seen to be dancing to Bollywood music, and we’re strengthening his connection to India. The clip was taken from One Direction’s 1D Day, when the entire band celebrated the launch of their documentary. They even interacted with fans all across the globe. It will be really interesting to see if Louis Tomlinson responds to this trend and thus, ends up adding India to one of his future tours. Just have a look at the #LouiscometoIndia here.

“Please come to India louis you’re fans are waiting for you in India .. hopefully after this pandemic you will come to india ..🙏🙏🙏🙏 #louiscometoindia”


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