One Punch Man : Season 2 Netflix Release Date! Cast and story

One Punch Man Season 2

One punch man season 2 plot, it was the most trending show in 2016. We are eagerly waiting for the releasing date for One punch man season 2. One Mangaka was the creator of this beautiful and interesting animation show on Netflix. He was a famous novel creator who created one more novel Mob Psycho 100 season 1 and we are waiting for season 2 to come for both the novels. But here, we learn about the One punch man season 2 story.

Release Date! Cast and story of One Punch Man Season 2

The production of one punch man season 2 release date keeps the date secretly for the fans for a long time. Therefore, the fans who are eagerly waiting for the one punch man season 2 are losing hope and start believing in the rumors date of season 2.

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We all know that One Punch Man Season 2 has announced earlier that they will change the production team and the directors.

The second season is ANIMATED by J.C staff

New directors of one punch man season 2 are given below:-

  • Chikara Sakurai replaced Shingo Natsume as director.
  • Yoshikazu Iwanami replaced Shoji Hata as sound director.

Publisher of the one punch man season 2 was by viz media.

One punch man season 2 Story

In the world of animations, the hero of this story was Saitama. He has the power to defeat the enemies in one punch. Firstly he spends his life like ordinary people. One day he chooses to work hard to become a hero so he does extremely hard work and he is able to defeat the enemy in one punch. He is the only powerful hero in the world of the story so everyone hates him because of his power. His life was void and empty. He does not get respect from anyone, so he thinks his power is something bad or pointless.

If we talk about the popularity of this show, season 1 of One punch man then it is shown that it is one of the most successful animated series in the world. In Japan 2015 it won the large crowd gathering to see this series of One punch man season 1 people just loved this series.

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