OnePlus 7T and 7 series pick up the oxygenOS new beta along with the october security patch

one plus 7

OnePlus is ranking way far behind Samsung, Google as well as other companies. This is because of the slower and slower speed at shipping the security updates. The OnePlus models 7 as well as 7T took over a month to receive the September security update. It seems that the company is sticking to the exact same schedule for the October fixes as well.

The newest news about OnePlus is the bringing of oxygenOS Open Beta 9 on the models OnePlus 7 and 7T series. And rolling out the open beta 19 for models 7 and 7 Pro. When we talk about the official changelog, it mentions only two changes that are the inclusion of October security patches as well as the fixation of a bug with the front camera. 

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Let’s talk about the system updates for a bit, shall we. Having fixed general issues and improved system stability. The flashback issue when the system is switched to the front camera in certain cases has been resolved. 

As none of the last-minute bugs have been discovered, the above mentioned updates should be rolling around the non-beta users soon. Oneplus has also issued an update for the 8T as i write this. The update to 8T includes fixing excess battery consumption problems as well as the latency of Bluetooth. You can find various download links to get the firmware files to put onto your phone. 

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