Online examination system – a modern way to conduct examinations

The whole world of education has been expanding for many years. Now, the education is not limited to the classrooms and whiteboard, but it has expanded to the fingertips of the students and all this is because of the advancements in technology. A lot of educational institutions are realizing the importance of advancements in technology and various tasks like admissions and payment of fees are being now conducted online. Even the organizations are going with the option of online examination system because of the immense benefits which it provides.

 Following are some of the reasons why educational institutions are going with the option of online examination:

  • It can provide a great level of security to the examination paper: The online-based exam can help to provide a high level of security as well as the flexibility to the whole process of conducting the examinations. All the questions will be uploaded in the systems and these systems can shuffle and give the questions to different students at the same time. Hence, the chances of cheating are highly minimized. On the other hand, this concept was never possible for paper-based examinations because papers could not be printed differently for different students. So, there were a large number of malpractices. Also, another malpractice was the leakage of exams which cannot be done now.
  • The processing of results has become very quick and fast: With the help of conducting of online-based examinations the calculation of results has become very easy as well as accurate. Now, the students can get the results as soon as they click the submit button. This is a great feature of the online-based examinations because now there is no need to wait for at least 10 to 15 days to receive the results. In the traditional systems, many steps were involved before declaring the results and that process was very much time-consuming. Also, the process was very much prone to errors because of the human element involved in it.
  • All the facilities of organizing the examination centres are not required now: With the introduction of online-based examination systems the exam can be conducted anywhere in the world. Now, the students can appear in the examinations by the comfort of their home places. The surveillance of the exam can also be conducted very easily with the help of screen-based proctoring services. The candidates have to switch on their mikes as well as the camera so that the proctor can have a clear-cut view of him or her. Such exams can also be connected remotely, and it will save the time, costs and efforts of the students because now they do not need to travel large distances to appear for exams. This has also solved the problem of scheduling of examinations from the universities point of view. Now, there is no need to hire the invigilators which have led to huge savings in the costs.
  • The logistic related costs have been significantly reduced: There are none of the logistic related costs associated with conducting the online-based examinations. All the processes are being managed with the help of technology and even multiple candidates can be managed with this at a single time that too from different locations. In the traditional systems, the processing of results required a lot of logistic related expenses which now has been eliminated in this. Several factors have to be considered like invigilator hiring, checking of examinations, printing the results and many more. But now all these processes have been removed and the systems have become much more efficient than before.
  • This concept is highly compatible for objective as well as subjective exams: The online-based examination can be conducted very easily for the objective exams. Uploading the images and converting the speech into text can also further facilitate the whole process. But in the cases of subjective exams, the candidates can write the answers very easily and even the symbols and diagrams can be made on these platforms. Hence, the whole process has become easy as well as highly convenient. The examiners can now check the exams very easily by individually logging in the systems and evaluating the subjective answers.


  • The supervision process has been significantly improved: With the help of conducting of online-based examinations the surveillance process has been improved because of the introduction of the concept of the camera as well as a microphone. In case any of the students is found cheating then snapshots will be taken which will help to save a lot of time as well as costs. This will help to keep a better track of the students during the examinations. On the other hand, the invigilators had to be hired so that exams are conducted smoothly but still the element of smoothness was missing.


  • There has been a huge level of flexibility: Flexibility element has been introduced with the help of online-based examinations. Now, the individuals can design the papers, grade them very easily. Even different questions are provided to different students so that cheating chances are minimized. Even the best feature is that last moment changes can also be incorporated very easily which was earlier not possible in the traditional systems. Hence, the traditional systems lacked the element of flexibility and were not that much effective.
  • Analysis of results has been improved:The connecting of online-based examination is very much easy as well as instant. The online examination can now help to provide a detailed analysis of the subjects and the topics. This concept is very much important for making various decisions. On the other hand, in the traditionally based examinations, the result processing took a lot of time and still was not highly accurate because of the presence of the human element. A lot of people were involved in the compilation of the results and still, there were many errors.

Hence, the online exam software is very much effective and efficient which is the main reason it has been adopted by almost all the educational institutions. The whole process of conducting the examinations has now become automated as well as simplified.  

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