Origin and Inspiration: The Story Behind our Favorite Online Casino Games

There are plenty of unique, creative games that have been played since the dawn of the millennia – and for a good reason. Not only are they fun, but their simple to understand rules and complicated strategy make each of these games on the list likely contenders for some of the best and most entertaining online casino games of all-time. Let’s look at their origins.


The origins of blackjack are often debated, but there’s a theory that Romans initially invented it. Instead of cards, they would use wooden blocks with different numbers painted on them. Even if the origins of blackjack are disputed, researchers agree that it was found in prominence in France in the 1700s and was probably derived from a card game called Chemin de Fer. It eventually came to American shores in the 18th century. In the 21st century, many online casinos like Casumo are still playing it today, with a vast majority still calling it 21.


Another popular casino game that was invented in France, its origins date as far back as 1655. Blaise Pascal wanted to create roulette because he was bored on a monastic retreat and invented this entertaining casino game to alleviate how tedious monastery life was at the time. The English game Ace of Hearts and Roly Poly are thought to be precursors, but Even-Odd appears to be the most similar and is seen as a more simpler version of roulette where there were no 0 pockets but a house allocation instead.


Slot machines dominate land-based casinos because of their simplicity, but its origins are a bit muddy. Either the American Charles Fey invented the slot machine in 1887 (Liberty Bell Machine), or it was created by two men named Pitt and Sittman in 1891. The Liberty Bell only had three reels and five symbols, whereas the 1891 type had five-spinning drums with card faces on them. It would display a complete Poker hand. Regardless of who invented what, both types of slot machines are still used today.


In 1788 “Krabs,” later spelled Crabs, was a variation of the dice game called Hasard that finds its origins in the United States, although the origins of Hasard aren’t well documented. Craps used to be one of the most rigged casino games because of the use of loaded dice, but brick and mortar casinos started using Don’t Pass and Pass layouts to mitigate this. Now, computers will use complex algorithms on online gaming platforms to ensure fairness. It spread globally in 2004, thanks to online casinos.


Although many Americans recognize Mahjong as the tiles matching game found on computer browsers everywhere, that’s not what Mahjong actually is. Founded in the Qing dynasty in China (1600s) and is considered similar to rummy. Mahjong used to be played with a stripped deck of money-suited cards, but it isn’t known when the switch to tiles occurred. The tiles used today aren’t the same ones used from 100 years ago, with many sets not containing the flower or green dragon titles. Now, it’s a popular game played in many online casinos.

Teen Patti

If you haven’t grown up in India, you’re probably unaware of this incredibly popular game. Teen Patti is very popular throughout South Asia, and its origins occurred sometime during British occupation in India. It derives from an English game called three-card brag and gets its influences from Poker. You’ll find that many online casinos will target Indian customers by including Teen Patti, and its popularity is often attributed to the game’s simple rules and its association with Poker.


Before gambling in casinos was regulated in 1907, French citizens played Baccarat in private gaming rooms in the 19th century. The earliest form of the game was called Baccarat Banque (Bank Baccarat), which was a three-person game, but it was later developed to a game based on bettor bets on whether the Banker or Players hands would win. The house-based game in Havana in the 1940s is what modern Baccarat is now. It is incredibly popular in American and Latin American, both online and in brick and mortar establishments. 

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