ORIGINAL Story of Friday the 13th Part 9 (Before Jason goes to hell)


Before the body exchange plot of Jason goes to hell put on, Friday 13 Part 9 I almost saw Jason heading to Los Angeles and interrupting a gang war. Jason goes to hell It really should be a precious entry in the Friday the 13th Canyon. The sequel contains nudes and an extended sex scene, and many bloody murders, and some claim to be among the best in the franchise. The only problem is that Jason himself is barely seen in the movie.

For the last seven movies, minus the original Friday the 13th, in which Pamela Voorhees does the killing: fans had seen Jason stalk and pierce dozens of victims, and the large and heavy earmuff had become an icon of terror. Watching Jason do his thing had become a comforting food for horror lovers, which is why there was so much violent reaction for Jason that he only appeared physically for a small portion of Jason goes to hell.

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Jason goes to hell It was only a slight success at the box office, mainly due to its small budget of $ 3 million. the Friday the 13th the franchise would go into hibernation for almost a full decade, resurfacing with Jason X in 2001. However, one wonders if fans would have been more receptive to the original idea of Friday 13 Part 9.

Friday the 13th Part 9 Almost sent Jason to Los Angeles

Jason goes to hell Logo

Screenwriter Dean Lorey joined what he would become Jason goes to hell after the first writer hired for the project delivered what producer Sean S. Cunningham thought was a terrible script. Cunningham then sat down with Lorey to make a usable script in just four days, since Friday 13 Part 9The production timeline had already been launched. In interviews years later, Lorey would reveal that her initial idea for the film was to send Jason Voorhees to sunny Los Angeles, where the zombie killer would be trapped in the middle of a gang war that remembered the ongoing battles between the Bloods and the Crips . Jason would start killing members of both sides, forcing them to unite to fight him.

As great as it sounds, and it would have made sense to do later Jason takes Manhattan, Cunningham rejected the plan, and the decision was made to go with Jason, who was jumping the body. Jason goes to hell Director Adam Marcus said earlier that Cunningham hated Jason's hockey mask and wanted him to leave, so he probably influenced the final product, since the mask is rarely seen during the movie thanks to Jason's physical absence.

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Eliza Dushku and Julian Richings in bad turn

Eliza Dushku almost had a cameo in the wrong turn 2


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