Oscars Woes for Netflix, Money for Yahoo Users, and More News


Yahoo regrets and Netflix laments, but first: a cartoon about Elon's summer space camp.

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Netflix had a disappointing night at the Oscars

Bong Joon Ho made history at the Oscars last night when his movie Parasite He won three Oscars, including Best Film, the first foreign language film to win the award in the 92-year history of the Academy. But not everyone felt so fresh this morning. The streaming giant Netflix was nominated for a whopping 24 awards, continuing an upward track of nominations in recent years, but ended with only two wins. To add to the burn, dear Netflix the Irish He was completely excluded.

How to get your clearance money from Yahoo Breach

Years after Yahoo did not protect the data of billions of people in multiple infractions in the 2010s, a class action lawsuit against the company reached a proposed settlement. If you had a Yahoo account from 2012 to 2016, you have until July 20 to file a claim for credit monitoring or $ 100 in cash. You can also file a claim for out-of-pocket costs associated with the infractions, as if you bought digital security services to protect yourself, for example. Finally, if you can document the specific losses you suffered as a result of the hacks, you may be eligible for up to $ 25,000.

Quick done: 650,000

That is the estimated number of deaths attributed to influenza each year worldwide, compared with less than 1,000 per coronavirus outbreak so far. But comparisons between the two infections are not only not useful, they are based on faulty mathematical calculations. For example, although the large number of deaths may be lower for the new coronavirus 2019, the Speed of death is estimated at 20 times higher.

WIRED recommends: the best podcasts for children

It can be difficult to keep children busy on long winter days. So here is a list of podcasts tested by children and approved by parents.

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