Outer banks on Netflix released by Wilmington Creator (shocking truth revealed)

‘Outer Banks’, the much awaited Netflix Original series finally premiered on Wednesday. The genius, Jonas Pate who is known as the creator and writer of the show resides in Wilmington. Tracing back to the backgrounds of the Outer Banks on Netflix, we got to know that Pate was originally looking for provisions to create a show in the Carolinas. He looked forward to designing the show in a way that would allow him to get closer to his native land or home. 

Pate’s creation: Outer Banks on Netflix

Two and a half years after he moved to his home land, the Raeford, NC native was living in the Cape Fear. Then, we even saw that Pate and his brother Josh along with his partner Shannon Burke, all came together to produce this new series that was named as the Outer Banks. Well, this started being produced on Netflix. They even admitted to making a fake trailer that they created of their own and it was shot down in Wrightsville Beach. 

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A group of kids from the neighborhood were involved in the series to play the characters in this fake trailer. The pitch to Netflix was really strong and then Pate along with his team wrote all the scripts during the last winter which was shot during the summer that followed thereafter. Finally, when the creation was ready, Pate and his team finally decided to sell it on Netflix a little more than a year and a half before. 

Tightly knitted age drama series: Outer Banks on Netflix

This age drama series went really popular as it involved a tight knit group of local teens belonging from North Carolina. They began hunting for a legendary treasure that got buried inside the waters along the coastline of Carolina. That series began to grow trending on Netflix since day 1. We are certain that there would be a lot of buyers who have been expecting to see season 2 coming along its way. Pate further clears this confusion of the audience saying that the team has started writing the season 2 and have also had their production meetings too!

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The former season was already filmed in Charleston, South Carolina. The 2nd season will commence very soon once the team receives the approval from Netflix. However, we don’t see any chance to see the shooting of this upcoming season in Wilmington. Although the creators would like it to be filmed therein, we don’t see anything!

Till the time there is only one tiny bit of HB-2 that isn’t rolled off the book by the month of December this year, Netflix would probably not give a permission to shoot the film in North Carolina. Of course, the first season has been a huge success and it was undeniably one of the best of the deals, we hope that the second one would be a great season too!

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