Outer Banks on Netflix? Should you watch it or skip it?

Outer Banks on Netflix

Outer Banks on Netflix is definitely going hit these days and the streaming platform is expecting it to be its next Quarantine-era hit. If you are still wondering whether or not you should watch it or skip it, you are here at the right place. The best thing about this teenage series is that it is scripted in a way that most spectators will find familiarity too! Therefore, it is important to make out whether this series is merely addictive or is it all famous because of the fresh content that it comes along with! 

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Outer Banks: Stream it or Skip it?

The opening shot of the series typically includes the protagonist’s close-up shot, John B (Chase Stokes). He is a PBR swiller and perennial partydom. He has not craved for anything in life, but all he wants is none other than spending good time. His dad goes missing for 9 months in the sea, and his uncle who is supposed to be the local guardian wasn’t being seen in the picture. The crew called themselves the Pogues. He and his pals include a rich girl Kiara (Madison Bailey), smart guy Pope (Jonathan Daviss) and the loose cannon JJ (Rudy Pankow). 

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While the hurricane was raged, Pope and John B found a struggling boat as they were surfing on their ways. After the storm, they found the boat lying in a marsh. He further discovers a motel key that will lead them to the treasure of a hidden gun and wads of cash. read more about the combined worth of Nicki Minaj and Kenneth petty.

The cops then went after them during this summertime mischief. After John B, the 17 year old lad’s father went missing in the pursuit of that $400 million, the Pogues went off to search all the treasure by themselves. On the way, they had to encounter different obstacles that include the Kooks, the wealthier people in the town and the elite teens who left no chance to rag these Pogues. 

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Furthermore, the series followed with circumstances leading to love triangles such as that of the relationship status of John B., Sarah (Madelyn Cline), and Topper (Austin North). Sometimes, there were interfamilial issues too, like that of the JJ (Rudy Pankow), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and Kiara (Madison Bailey). The mystery lies in chalking out the fact that who finds out the hidden treasure. The parting shot is all about the close-up shot of John B wherein his face brightens with the hope that his father was still alive. 

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Bottom line:

We would rather urge you to STREAM IT! Indeed, the series was worth your attention and all the responses that it has been receiving. The critics have got a really lot to say about this series, and that is clearly evident from the reactions of the spectators across the social media. 

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