Outriders looks a lot like Destiny, and that's fine


Square Enix and People Can Fly have just revealed their new third-party role-playing game, Outriders. It takes place in a dark world of science fiction, on a new planet called Enoch. And … it looks a lot like Destiny, Bungie's sci-fi role-playing game.

Look for yourself:

Three Guardians and three Outriders looking dramatically at the camera.
Image: People can fly / Square Enix

The character's design is similar.

Guardians and Outriders burn enemies with hands and guns.
Image: People can fly / Square Enix e Image: Bungie

The skills are alike.

Look at the hand cannon in the Outrider's hand in the image on the left and compare it to the Destiny Duke Mk. 44 to the right
Image: People can fly / Square Enix e Image: Bungie

And even the weapons look alike.

Both games take place in a post-apocalyptic science fiction world, although what we have seen and heard Outriders It looks more creepy. Both games revolve around groups of three players who work together. And both games follow the three types of warrior (Devastator and Titan), rogue (Trickster and Hunter) and magician (Pyromancer and Warlock). Outriders It has, however, a fourth class that is currently secret.

Despite thousands of hours in the original Destination Y Destiny 2, the Outriders The screenshot of three characters looking at the camera made me do a double take.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5dQw2-9WWs (/ embed)

But looking like another game is not a sin of videogames. Destiny 2 It is one of the most popular games in the world in 2020, and evoking its science fiction aspect is a great way to communicate to players exactly what your game is about.

Also that It doesn't seem to be a complete scam. Outriders It has its own unique history, and the World Tier system seems to allow for a greater diversity of challenges. The playability of Outriders looks drastically different from Destiny 2. The next science fiction game has a "Division 2 in space ”type of environment, with characters sliding in and out of coverage as they face humanoid enemies.

Given such distinctions, Outriders It seems to take something that players already love, and translates it into a new world with different game mechanics. And as a Destiny fan, that's exciting: I know I like the look and configuration of Destiny. More of that experience can only be a good thing, especially if I see what it feels like in the hands of an accomplished developer known to shooters who feel great to play.

Developed by People Can Fly in 2011, Bullet Storm, It is an irreverent first person shooter that consists of accumulating style points while you kill. You take the enemies off the cliffs, the walls with spikes and other enemies. While it's a different game style, Bullet Storm It has the kind of fast and kinetic action that Destiny fans love. Outriders You can change everything to a perspective behind your back, but it seems that the shot is fast, deliberate and, most importantly, funny.

So, while it may be easy to discard Outriders why look similar to Destiny, since People Can Fly is involved, I'm trying Outriders like the icing on the cake of Destiny.


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