Pakistani Shiites end protests lead to funeral for 11 miners

Recently, hundreds of Pakistani Shiites were seen to have fathered on Saturday to bury 11co miners who belonged from the minority Hazara community and they were killed by the Islamic State group that ended around a week of protests that was sought to highlight the plight of the community as a whole. Protesters had even staged a sit-in after the militant group had captured and they did shoot the miners on last Sunday in an area that was some 50 kms or 30 miles east of Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s troubled Baluchistan province, commonly known by the name of Machh. 

People from a minority Muslim Ahmadi community stood to be guarding each other while preparing to bury the victims of attack by that of the Islamic Millitants in Rubwah which was located around 150 kms or 93 miles northwest from that of Lahore in Pakistan. The US commission on the International Religious Freedom on Friday, Jan. 8, 2021 did adopt a 55 years old Ramazan Bibi who was jailed on the charges of blasphemy in Pakistan as a prisoner of conscience. As per the reports by the US commission on December for International Religious Freedom, Pakistan was recorded to have the maximum number of blasphemy cases in the world even when 84 nations had criminal blasphemy laws on their books. 

PM Imran Khan in Quetta 

PM Imran Khan did arrive on Saturday afternoon in Quetta and he was expect to have a meeting with a delegation of mourners as well as that of the Shiite leaders, as reported to his office. The visit approached after the Shiite demonstrators across the nation had blocked in the roads in the major cities, as he was demanded to have first visit with the grieving minority community in Quetta. They were even assured about their protection on Friday, wherein Khan had appealed to the protestors for not linking the burial of the coal miners to have a visit in Quetta. They even vowed that he would probably visit them afterwards, as burials take place as early as possible after the death of the individuals as per the Islamic tradition. 

Imran Khan’s statement on the incident

Khan has clearly remarked on this stating that no people or community should be blackmailed as this! Many Shiites rallied on Friday night in Islamabad for denouncing Khan for calling the mourners as blackmailers. The premier sent a dozen of ministers and top officials to derive a negotiation with the Hazara community. 

Violent attacks occurred against the Shiite and that of other religious minority groups who considered the problem in the Sunni majority in Pakistan. Khan was often seen to criticize the Pakistani leaders for not stopping the attacks on the minority Hazara community and for not rushing to offer condolences after similar kinds of assualts to Quetta. The IS militants abducted and shot the miners on Sunday in Baluchistan and the police video has revealed that the miners were blindfolded with the hands tied at their backs before being shot. The IS affiliate has promptly said that the people who had orchestrated the killing are under the process of investigation. They shall be identified and arrested once confirmed. Searching is still on, and the result will come up soon. 

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