Paras Healthcare to appoint Debajit Sensharma as the new CFO

Paras health care which is the leading multi-specialty medical care provider as of today made an announcement of appointments Debajit Sensharma to be the group’s chief financial officer. He is going to be at the top of the company’s finances and handling along with strategizing the organizational expansion and growth plans.

Debajit did join Paras after a long 5-year stint. He used to earlier work for Symbiotic Pharma Lab private limited whereby he used to be the chief financial officer and did also head the global finance function. Debajit, along with having 28 years of experience in the field of accounts and finance has a rich experience of working with Pharma and healthcare majors such as Symbiotic Pharma lab private limited, Ranbaxy laboratories limited, Sentiss pharma private limited and Reckitt Benckiser group which is a consumer goods major. According to the MD of Paras healthcare Dr. Dharminder Nagar they are extremely happy to have Debajit in their team. Dr. Dharminder believes that Debajit’s expertise in budgeting, financial planning, acquisitions, fundraising, mergers, investment planning, and structuring will be much required to further their expansion plans and also direct various healthcare delivery operations towards the newer areas.

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Paras healthcare is looking forward to working with him and also watching him play an instrumental role in plugging out the gaps. The healthcare is confident that this particular appointment will help in taking the organization over to new heights.

Debajit Sensharma on commenting on his appointment states that he is extremely excited of his new role at the Paras health care which is to be the group CFO. He further states that Paras health care is at the forefront when it comes to giving qualitative medical care to the common man. The energy of this particular organization has been nothing short but exhilarating along with the commitment that is shown by the staff towards patient care is simply fantastic. He believes that his endeavors are going to be put to good use in the healthcare and Pharma industry and also help further plan in doctor Nagar’s organization.

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Paras health care did begin it’s operations in Gurgaon and was established in the year 2006. Its sole objective is to provide accessible, affordable and quality health care services. In today’s time, the organization is known to be spread around 4 different states that are known to include Bihar, Haryana, Delhi NCR, and Jharkhand. It also has its units in Patna, Ranchi, Panchkula, and Darbhanga. These are except the one in Gurgaon. The healthcare delivery leader is going to be expanding into the more tier-two north Indian cities which are going to be in phase two of this particular expansion. The plan is going to begin in the year 2021. The MD further states that the inclusion of Debajit Sensharma will actually improve the name and fame of the healthcare in ways which cannot be imagined.

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