Period Care Made Natural for 2021

Period Care

Periods suck. There is no way around that fact. There is nothing that can make them something to look forward to. However, there are ways to make it less of a nightmare. The biggest one is chocolate or whatever your treat of preference is. The key is to just be prepared and to make sure you don’t have any additional stress during that time of the month.

Getting Prepared

Making sure you are prepared before your period arrives is key in making it as tolerable as possible. Make sure that you are stocked up on tampons and pads always. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee when your “Aunt Flow”  will arrive so you always need to have supplies ready. If you are like many women you will also want to make sure that you have pain relievers and a heating pad on hand for the cramping that can accompany your period.

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While preparing for your period, you may have never thought about what your pads and tampons are made of or what might be in that pain reliever. Are any of the ingredients included in these products dangerous to you? Well if you have never taken the time to research these products and you are not using natural and organic options, they could be. Many people never consider this element in these products and are shocked when they start looking into it. 

Natural Period Options

Natural and organic are always the better options when it comes to any product. When you choose these types of products you know exactly what you are using and what was used in the production. If there are only trace amounts of things like pesticides or bleaches the company producing the product that contains the traces does not have to list it as an ingredient. This means unless you are buying organic cotton sanitary products for your period then you could be using products that contain pesticides. 

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Rael is a company that specializes in natural and organic options for your period. Their company has received excellent ratings that you can find and read online. They offer organic tampons and Pads. Their pads and tampons are made of completely organic and natural cotton. They sell tampons with and without applicators. The applicators that their tampons use are BPA-free. BPA has been found to cause cancer and is found in many plastic products.

When you are looking for natural pain relievers to assist with your period cramps several options can be found at your local health store. CBD oil is a great option and has been shown to have great results on all types of pain. You take a small amount and place it under your tongue and should feel relief within minutes. CBD can also help aid with lowering stress and anxiety. It is also known to improve the user’s mood which can be beneficial during the time of your period since the hormone swing affects most people’s moods. Now that you know most period products that are being sold contain traces of pesticides and other dangerous compounds, it is time for you to look into natural and organic alternatives. Rael is the best company to trust to supply you with organic and natural tampons and pads. They have you covered no matter what preference you have they even offer tampons with BPA-fee applicators. Remember you can also choose to use natural alternatives to relieve the pain you incur during your period. Also, CBD will aid in helping to keep your mood balanced. It’s time to make the switch so you know that the products you have to use monthly are safe.

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