Pete earns a new nickname, "Crew Mess Creep"


He may have been joking, but that doesn't mean he wasn't doing something. On his first day aboard the Motor Yacht Wellington to Under the Mediterranean cover, the second Stew Bugsy Drake joked with sailor Peter Hunziker, "You are the filthy crew, right? You are, I can tell. I guess you didn't have to follow him on social media to capture that vibe!

Overall, it wasn't a great episode for old Peter. While Under cover Med He'll start to minimize his appearance on the show as the season continues, he's still lurking around the boat and causing various degrees of headaches when it comes to the daily operation of the superyacht.

"I feel like Pete hates me. I think he's used to being in charge, "the Malia boson confesses to sailor Alex, whom we learned in this episode that he paid his college tuition at poker games (!). And when the other sailor Rob came to consult his supervisor She told him, "You actually have a higher license than (Pete) and have been much more helpful and respectful on deck," so it was already clear who was (and definitely not) succeeding on the outside team.

But Malia had to check on Pete when he stopped at a wrong ground line, and then made a comment about resetting the "very important" line during an aborted game that did not make Captain Sandy overly satisfied. "Your sarcasm on the radio didn't escape me," Malia said sternly to Pete.

Although there is a bigger offense on this ship that really bothers me. Both Pete and Alex mispronounce Malia's name (Rob, as in most cases, is excluded from this), and this is already the third act. Shouldn't they be clear on your behalf? It's muh-LEE-uh, and not muh-LAY-uh. I don't know if he cares, but I do. It's not that difficult to pronounce, boys! They also did the same to Lara, although it seems that Pete has learned her name at the moment, considering that he is texting her saying he wants her "for breakfast, lunch and dinner." Hopefully you don't have to point to the menu as the waiter takes your order because you're not sure how to say the dish you'd like.

Under the Mediterranean cover airs Monday at 9 p.m. ET / PT in Bravo.

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