Phoenix Jean Grey: Everything You Need To Know About Her

Phoenix Jean Grey

Jean Grey also known as Marvel Girl, Dark Phoenix is a Superhero in Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics is an American Comics book. She is a Character that is seen in the series of Marvel’s X-Men. She is a Mutant, a subspecies of humans (it’s a just a creation of mind), who had some superhuman power in herself.

 Jean Grey is the younger daughter of John Grey and his wife Elaina. John Grey is a history professor. At the age of 10 Jean, for the first time, manifested her superpower of being a mutant. It was when she was the emotion for her friend’s death. She had a special power of Telepathic.

Jean’s Meeting with Charles Xavier

After knowing about the superhuman power of Jean, her parents took her for treatment. Professor Charles Xavier took her with himself. It was with her telepathic power, the professor was able to work on the model of Cerebro machine. Xavier introduced Jean to the astral plane, and she at the orphanage touched the mind of Scott Summer. Jean’s mind, after then, was psychically shielded by Xavier for making her not use her telepathic power until she grows mature enough to have control over it. With the help of her telekinetic powers, she helped Xavier in finding other mutants to make up a team. Along with Xavier, she acted as a trainee for the mutant. Therefore she was termed as a marvel girl.

Different Missions Done By Jean Grey

In a space she and her immense superhuman powers were noticed by Phoenix force. She wished to become a phoenix, but her dream faded soon. Later she also feels too closely attached and finally is in love with Scott Summer. Later she developed a strong attraction towards Wolverine. After defeating Scientist Stephen Lang, in his own space station, Jean along with her fellow X-men, escaped back to earth. Since they used solar radiation storms as a path for return, she got in a condition of dying. She was saved by Phoenix force, who created her duplicate body, having memories and personally almost similar to her. Later she was cast at the bay of Jamaica in some strange cocoon. She continued to save the universe for a few months as if she were real Jean, she tried to heal M’Kraan Crystal.

Later due to some mental manipulation that had been done, she went insane and turned herself from Phoenix to Dark Phoenix. Also Due to her consciousness, she tried to commit suicide. After being dead that portion of Jean made a journey of the afterlife. Phoenix Force dressed her into White and her consciousness was sent to the Original Jean’s body in the cocoon. This was rejected by her so it passed to her clone, Madelyne Pryor. She was rescued by her X-men tea from her status. Madelyne Pryor dies due to the spark of Phoenix energy formed in a confrontation with Jean.

Later, Jean and Scott got married. Scott sacrificed himself to stop the apocalypse who used his body as a host. Sue to the corruption with the apocalypse, his relationship with Jean got stained. Phoenix used her Phoenix force for stopping a stranger from a mission. After then she acted as a headmistress in the mutant school. In a situation being trapped, Wolverine had no other option, better than, from killing her to save other X-men. For so many times being dead, she is named as Marvel Girl.

This information About Jean Grey will surely give you the idea about her power and strengths as an X-Men.

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