Phone makers watch their next move as 5G generalizes – Newsdio


For two years running, Samsung played the same trick and loaded its annual event announcing a new folding.

Last year's announcement of the Fold was huge: the first viable folding phone (relatively speaking, of course) of an important manufacturer. Of course, some things have happened in the intervening months, removing some brightness to the device and the category in general.

This week at Unpacked 2020, Samsung left the door swaying once again, announcing the Galaxy Z Flip at the top of the event. Like last year, the measure had the effect of taking your breath away from its flagship ad, a sign from a company convinced that standing out from the group and reversing smartphone sales trends will require bold decision making.

That does not mean that the company is not pressing the envelope of its flagships. With a 100x zoom in the Ultra and 8K video on all devices, Samsung is still surpassing the images. But it seems to have no illusion about what really excites users in an era of smartphone ubiquity.


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