Playstation 5 – Release Date, Specs, Price, Rumors

Ps 5 specs

It is almost like half a decade for Sony to introduce the PlayStation 4 and never moved to next-generation hardware. The CEO of Sony confirmed that new iteration is on the cards and fans could not be any happier to hear this news. To be precise with the news the Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida told Financial Times that “it is necessary to have the next generation hardware.”  From the source, it was later discovered that the next generation hardware may not see major changes and its fundamental architecture will be the same.

The Sony PlayStation 4 is still attracting the fans and it is wiser for Sony to utilize ps4 until the very end of its lifespan, and this is the reason they are delaying to make a next-generation console. PS4 is the best-selling console on the market and also the best-selling gaming device in history. Sony is utilizing it to the fullest before it releases the next gaming machine to the world.

When to expect the release date of PS5?

Sony still has not actively said anything on the release date of the new PS5, but we all know that later in the years or possibly months, we are going to know the dates of its launch. To help you get the inside view of the gaming world, we have compiled the most important news from the gaming industry. This news will not only keep you alive in the rumours of the next generation console but also makes you elated for knowing the status of release dates.

The release date of PS5 was thought to be in the year 2021 when Sony Interactive CEO John Kodera disclosed to wall street journal. Well, thanks to the investigation of T3 which claims that the PS5 could be released as soon as next year’s Christmas. So, the fans who are keenly waiting on to play this gaming console can now turn their dream into reality very soon.

With the release of Xbox X, Sony has to replace its old gaming gadget to give a solid response to Microsoft before Xbox X makes a name for itself.

Ps5 first look


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Without any announcement on the PS5 specification, we can merely speculate but cannot give you the exact information on it, albeit, we can see how PS5 competitor is doing with its specification. The PS5 which is yet to be launched already has a competitor on the market with which it has to outclass it so that Sony can come out as a clear winner.

The Xbox X employs an eight-core 2.3 GHz CPU grouped with 12GB GDDR5 memory and a GPU sporting 40 compute units working at 1172 MHz.  Seeing all these specs one can say that the gaming console is just like a 2017 gaming PC, but with lots of smarter software and hardware on board makes it a well-built console to conjure the best performance.

If Sony wishes to compete in the gaming world then it has to bring in some absolutely mind wrecking specs which will enable them to stay adrift from their counterparts.


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The speculation of the price is also a serious topic that is an ongoing thing on the forums, social media and in the gaming parlours. Without knowing the specifications of the gadget, we cannot just randomly guess, how much will it cost.

Nonetheless, we can assume from the Xbox X’s price that how Sony can strongly respond by pricing its device to £450 which is the price of Xbox X. To keep Sony’s name afloat it must either bring the price to Xbox’s price or it should make the best hardware for booming performance.

Ps 5 specs

PS5 games- what to expect?

The ps4 has done well with the gaming and is still doing well, thanks to the performance of its hardware which gives an edge over Xbox on third-party titles. The games offered in the year 2017 were the best games the console has ever seen. Let’s take a look at what is due for a sequel and which titles might be around at the time of the next console’s launch.

With the likes of God of war, Spiderman, and the last of us part 2 closing out this generation, and locked down we might not see it for a foreseeable future.

The games which are available now like Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 4, Persona 5 might not be arriving at the time of PS5 launch.

It is likely to see a new IP with a new console, or a return of a new favorite like infamous or the resistance series.

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