Sony planning to launch the PlayStation 5 this February

There is no doubt about the growing fame of PS5 even in the Indian market. On the last Friday, Sony had made a declaration that it is about to launch the PlayStation 5 in India on 2nd February, 2021. Also, it had suggested quite a few number of improvements in the supply chain network which had created severe impacts the past year due to this Covid 19 pandemic. According to the sources, it has been announced from the Japanese firm that it shall start taking the pre-order requests for the new gaming console in India. Certainly, it is the largest internet market in the world. The gaming console will be made available for pre-order from several retailers including that of Vijay Sales, Sony Center, Games the Shop, Reliance Digital, Croma, Amazon India, and Flipkart. 

This PlayStation 5 is tagged at a price of 685 dollars which is equivalent to 49,990 INR as per the Indian currency. On the contrary, the digital edition of this gaming console will be set at 550 dollars, equivalent to that of 39,990 Indian Rupees. Talking about the comparison in terms of price of both the gaming consoles that were launched back in the month of November, the X Box Series X is available at 685 dollars in India while the X Box Series S is available at 480 dollars. 

Tracing back to the launch of PS5 and its growing demand in the Indian market

Microsoft has been struggling really hard to meet the demand of the new Xbox consoles in the Indian market. The Xbox series X is encountering a crisis in the nation so much so that it has become really tough to locate its page on Amazon India for that matter. The announcement was made today and the allay concerns of the PS fans had secured a unit at the premium price from the gray market in the recent months as India got into the first wave of the PS5. The fans were really frustrated at Sony and the affiliated partners didn’t offer a clarification for providing conflicting accounts regarding the probable launch of the new gaming console. 

Sony had suggested about its delay in the launch of the PS5 in India back during the month of November due to several local import guidelines. Although India has not been a full fledged market for gaming consoles even today, this craze had made the industry experts realize that the barrier could be broken and bigger organisations can penetrate the market really good! As per the surveys, and estimates that are being conducted by marketers today, it is pretty evident that the proliferation of affordable smartphones to the public and the availability of such low mobile data tariffs have helped people embrace and accept this rising popularity of mobile gaming in the recent times. People are gradually being accustomed to gaming and such industry provisions as responses are turning positive in the market.

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