Pokémon Sword and Shield is a costume game


Let me be honest here: I may have spent more time customizing my character in Pokémon Sword and ShielI have to perfect my Pokémon lineup. My mom, the one in the game, gave me a few hundred dollars at the beginning of the game. The first thing I did was buy clothes.

Sword and To protect It has more than 400 Pokémon to catch, but it seems that there are also almost the same amount of customization options to look for.

It is the most extensive character customization system in a Pokémon game. Sword and To protect It begins with a screen that allows players to choose a basic character model: skin tone, gender and hair color. But once you start the game, many more options open. There are hundreds of different clothing options (shoes, socks, dresses, pants, glasses and more) available to buy in stores in the Galar region. There are salons where you can adjust makeup, hairstyle, Eyebrowsand hair color. The only thing you hypocrisy change after starting to play Pokémon is the gender and skin tone; Everything else can be changed while you play.

A Pokémon player, jkSam on Reddit, created a spreadsheet that documents everyone the garments in Sword and To protect. Throughout the Galar region, you can collect more than 1,000 items, divided between the two gender options: there are 100 more clothing options for female characters. jkSam has labeled each of the clothing options by city, so if you are looking for something specific, this will be a practical guide to buying. It can also help you with the budget. According to the jkSam count, there are clothes worth $ 8,069,260 Sword and To protect.

That does not include things that can change in salons around the Galar region, whether it is changing the shape of the eyebrows or the color of the hair. Oh, and your eyes too: do you want bright eyes from anime hearts? That is something you can do. Do you want your eyes to match your cold black heart? You can also turn them into infinite voids.

All these options, and the ability to show your character through your League League, means that there is an art to create the perfect character. I personally enjoy making an exact replica of myself in any game played; I spent a shamefully long time flying back and forth to stores and lounges to get the details of my character. I knew I was right when my husband looked at me Sword and To protect game and let out a sigh: Oh You made yourself.

My Pokémon character in the wild area

She is perfect
Game Freak, The Pokémon Company / Nintendo via Polygon

There are others, of course, who want to create the worst possible option available. I've also seen tons of gothic girls in Marnie's style. Well-dressed British trainers. Trainers that match their Pokémon. Trainers with declaration hats. The options are endless, because as we all know, the real end of the game is fashion.

After all, it was when I had the most money left to spend on the little details I needed to complete my character: find the perfect thick platform Creepers that I really have in my closet and choose the most suitable bag to store all my Poké Balls . Naturally, everything is black except my glasses, those are pink.


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