Police officer ‘sucked into whirlpool’ trying to save woman, killed

The Senior Constable Kelly Foster, who was of 39 years old had made an attempt to save the woman who believed to be an international student. Shd had fallen off her lolo at a cannoying tour in the New South Wales. The police officer was one of the two people who were killed after she was sucked under the water in a freak whirlpool accident. The other victim was topples off her lolo and she is said to be an international student from Chiswick in Sydney. She is not going to be formally identified yet. 

A police officer was one among the two people who were killed after they were being sucked underwater in a freak whirlpool accident. It was on Saturday afternoon that the senior constable Kelly Foster who was just 39 years had made an attempt to save a woman during a guided cannoying tour held in the north of the Blue mountains in New South Wales. The other victim is yet to be formally identified but estimations reveal that she has been an international student. The police drivers had successfully recovered two bodies on Sunday from under the water. The NSW police acting commissioner, Mal Lanyon has said that it is indeed a sad time for the NSW Police force and the death of Kelly is certainly a loss to the community as a whole. The emergency services were unable to save Kelly from such a demise. 

Kelly’s sudden demise startled everyone

Indeed, Kelly was a highly respected and dedicated officer who will be missed sorely across the force by the colleagues. The police is waiting for the confirmation that the family members of the other victim have been notified. As per the witnesses, it was claimed that the initial victim had fallen off her inflatable after she has been dragged into the whirlpool prior to the officer attempting to save her. Lanyon further stated, “To hear reports that Kelly was trying to help another woman when she died demonstrates her commitment to the community she served and the ability to put the needs of others before her own.”

The search started at approximately 2.30 pm before the suspension was addressed due to poor weather at around 2pm. This resumed all over again at around 7 am on Sunday and the bodies were found at midday. The police further confirmed that the fatalities were a part of the cannoying group as the incident took place. As per the reports, no other group members were injured. Foster had joined the police force in 2010 before he was confirmed and then later he moved onto being a senior constable. She had joined the State Crime Command as an intelligence analyst in the year 2014. Also, we got to hear that her career got into hold at one level when she was diagnosed with cancer but nothing could stop her to reach the position where she has been today! 

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