Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Have ‘No regrets’ About Their Royal Exit

Prince Harry

When this couple Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had announced that they had decided to step back from their roles as seniors’ members of the royal family. When this announcement had come, they had moved to Los Angeles, where they are currently living (Montecito). One confirmed source even told this couple to ‘Entertainment Tonight’ that the couple (Meghan and Harry) do not have any regrets about their decision to move out of their royal rules. 

In fact, they are very much satisfied with their decision, on the other hand, the couple has no further plans on returning to the United kingdom currently (to such a difficult time when pandemic has attacked the world). 

Meghan and Harry both had made their official royal appearance on March 9th, at the Westminster Day Service at Westminster Abbey. Both Meghan and Harry had given their royal appearance on March and then they had even launched Archwell. This arche is a Greek word they said and it means ‘Source of Action’. Both told that they had got connected with the charitable organizations which once they had decided. Then this name also inspired them for many of things and once they even thought of keeping this as a name of their child. Arch in ancient time meant strength and action so in total it is a wonderful way of introducing something worth. Meghan and Harry have even launched a website on this name in 2021 and along with this they have even stated – 

‘’I am the mother of my son. And I am also our son’s mother. Together we are going to bring Archewell, ‘’they wrote. ‘’We believe in the best of humanity. We have witnessed the best of humanity. We also have enjoyed compassion and kindness because we have got that from our mothers and strangers alike. However, anyone in the face of fear, struggle and pain they might forget these things and forget they even exist. But we were lucky we enjoyed all forms of love, compassion. So we would like to invite everyone to join us as we are looking forward to helping people around us and making this world a better place. This letter ended with their signatures ‘Harry and Meghan’. 

Actually both the couple has always had this special thought for the people who were around them. They have always tried to give best and this was one of the reasons that made them always choose the right and the best. That is why, they are constantly trying to give the world their best and they have even left that senior position. All they wanted to help people whole their hearts and open hands. They have taken some big decisions into their lives and for that they have even left so many things behind themselves to fully dedicate to offer something best. Meghan and Harry are truly one of finest examples to help people in every possible way with all their hands open.

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