Private Ad Exchange — The Next-Generation Monetization Hub for CTV/OTT Publishers

Private Ad Exchange — The Next-Generation Monetization Hub for CTV/OTT Publishers

An ad inventory buy/sell deal embraces a low number of parties — namely, SSPs, DSPs, and so-callous walled gardens. Each of these parties comprises sophisticated technological architecture which makes it difficult for advertisers and publishers to track all the deduction throughout the deals. The matter of how it works and the issue of supply chain transparency are vexed points. It especially applies to CTV video advertising as it’s kind of not enough time-tested and somewhat unexplored.

CTV publishers are fatigued of countless links within a supply chain. Each of these auxiliary intermediaries represents another black box that is cutting its commission. Since publishers are in quest of better alternatives that can eliminate or minimize the factor of opaqueness, the trend of finding new and more publisher-centric models is rising. 

For the time being, one of the pivotal workarounds here is an advertising platform for publishers. Its main idea is about curtailing the number of middlemen in the supply chain and servicing a direct partnership.

The key benefits of such a private-based model for publishers are: 

    • Direct partnership. Operating through a reliable private ad exchange, publishers get access to an extensive pool of premium advertisers and sell their ad inventory at the highest price. 
    • Transparency. As it follows from the previous bullet point, making a one-on-one deal eliminates middlemen and brings clear and plain pricing on the table.
    • Easy control. Topflight tech vendors are highly focused on user experience, and endeavor to provide intuitive and multifunctional UI. That makes it possible to get entire control over ad inventory. 
    • Plug-and-play approach. A publisher-centric provider will take care of setting up the platform, tuning configurations, and conducting a coherent onboarding. By the design, such a solution shall be ready for work instantly after the integration process. 


  • Creatives library. Another feature of a comprehensive tech platform is the availability of the full-dress creative library which supports such formats as in-stream ads, pause video ads and QR code ads.


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Bottom Line

The current posture of the ad tech market is kind of a role-segregated environment between DSPs, SSPs, and Walled Gardens.CTV publishers today are looking for alternatives to public real-time bidding auctions as they are too complex from a perspective of a supply chain transparency. A promising option is to shift to direct partnerships that suggest better financial terms. With such an approach it is possible to blur the borders between parties of the programmatic ecosystem and to create a synergetic-type business model. 

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