Protein shakes to lose weight, gain muscle: do they work?


Protein is one of the essential macronutrients that it needs and is spread throughout the body: in muscles, bones, skin, hair and all other parts and tissues of the body, with at least 10,000 different types that make it what it is and keep it on track. These also form the enzymes responsible for the numerous chemical reactions in the body and the hemoglobin that carries oxygen to the blood. In other words, proteins help you improve and maintain your muscles and weight. Protein is made of more than 20 building blocks called amino acids. Because our bodies do not store amino acids, they are made by scratching or altering others. Nine of these, known as essential amino acids, must come from food. There are many food sources of protein, and one of them is protein shakes. Rich in amino acids and like most foods, protein shakes have advantages and some problems, especially when used to lose weight and gain muscle, broken down in detail: Weight loss A high protein diet activates different pathways for Stimulate weight loss and protein shakes help you get the protein you need daily. Increase the feeling of fullness
Protein seems to influence the production of multiple hormones that play a role in stimulation and appetite control. Two of these are the hunger suppressor hormones, the tyrosine-tyrosine peptide (PYY) and the glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1), both capable of reducing appetite, and the latter delays the outflow of stomach contents. The levels have shown that the levels of both hormones increase after a meal when a high protein diet is practiced.
Increase metabolism A high protein diet (and, by extension, protein shake intake) amplifies calorie burning in two ways: diet-induced thermogenesis: a metabolic response to foods that you see that proteins, in Instead of carbohydrates or fats, they are metabolized to burn more. calories Gluconeogenesis: the process of producing glucose based on proteins or fats (but not based on carbohydrates) to burn additional calories. It helps to lose belly fat A diet rich in protein also helps to burn belly fat. Evidence suggests that increased protein intake from high quality sources, including protein shakes, may be associated with a reduction in visceral (abdominal) fat, fat in the middle section, resulting in a lower Insulin resistance and a lower risk of heart disease. More effective when combined with other Factors Although protein shakes and powders help you achieve your health and fitness goals, they alone do not guarantee instant weight loss. This is because although protein allows you to eat fewer calories without feeling hungry, it contains four calories per gram that contribute to the daily total. In other words, too much protein can prevent you from achieving your fitness goals. In addition to drinking protein shakes, losing weight requires a calorie deficit, which means that the calories you burn are more than you consume. It is achieved by consuming fewer calories, spending calories through physical activities or a combination of both. Muscle gain If you are an athlete, looking for an Olympic level form or simply want to lose extra fat and build some muscle, then consider protein shakes with your trusted friends. When combined with resistance training, protein shakes can not only promote muscle growth, but also improve your physical performance and post-workout recovery. This is because, together with a higher intake of high quality proteins, resistance training revitalizes the synthesis of muscle proteins. Protein shakes provide amino acids that your body easily absorbs. Researchers believe that protein shake intake increases bloodstream amino acid levels, which causes a more significant muscle synthesis response as a result. In addition, some studies have suggested protein shakes to help retain muscles and can promote muscle gain even when following a weight loss diet. Protein shakes are useful for building muscle and reducing fat. Kamil Kaczor / Flickr. (TagsToTranslate) protein shakes (t) (t) weight (t) loss (t) muscle (t) gain (t) protein shakes for weight loss (t) protein shakes and muscle gain


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