PS5 manufacturing costs $ 450, increasing the price of Sony's next-generation console


Sony is struggling with "expensive parts," driven by high demand for memory components, which could raise the price of the PlayStation 5 to around $ 500, according to a Bloomberg report. The current manufacturing cost of the PS5, says Bloomberg, is around $ 450.

It is said that competition for DRAM and NAND flash memory is increasing costs, but Bloomberg also reports that Sony is using a particularly expensive cooling system for PS5. A common complaint about the company's current generation console, the PlayStation 4, is the loud fan noise due to heat dissipation.

Bloomberg says that Sony is adopting a wait and see approach, that is, wait to see how Microsoft values ​​its Xbox Series X console, to set the price of the PS5. But if Sony follows a similar pricing model for PS5 as it did with the launch of PS4, a price of $ 499 for PS5 seems possible, if not very likely.

When Sony released the first details about the PS5 last year, the console sounded more expensive than the $ 399.99 PlayStation 4 Pro. But the company said it was targeting an "attractive" price point based on the PS5 feature set.

We may not know the price of PlayStation 5 (or Xbox Series X) until June at the earliest. Microsoft will attend E3 2020, where it is expected to reveal more details about its next generation of Xbox. Sony said it will skip the E3 this year in favor of other consumer events.

Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are expected to launch during this year's holiday quarter, and are expected to have similar price points.


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