PUBG on PS4 : A dream come true

Pubg PS4

The rumor ‘PUBG PS4’ version could turn into reality soon and the fans playing on mobile phones will be relieved to know this elating news. Having played this riveting game endless minutes on the mobile phone, fans were hoping to end their sore hand’s misery. And, for a matter of fact PUBG PS4 is happening, so its just a matter of when, rather than if.

We finally have got an official sign that PUBG PS4 version is coming soon, it would come as a surprise to you as it did not arrive from either Sony or PUBG corp. Instead, it was revealed by the South Korean rating board that unassumingly revealed the imminent game through its listings, as discovered on Reddit.

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After it was released on PC in March 2017, PUBG’s immense popularity meant that it was quickly snapped by Microsoft, which later published it in an early access as a console exclusive in December of that year. If the reports are true then we can say that the game was sold a whopping 8 million copies on the console.

Initially, the game was launched in a buggy state that saw its frame rate occasionally dip into single digit on the console. While the performance issues were worked on and the game’s 1.0 release, earlier in September saw it hit parity with its competitors with 3 maps and dazzling weather made available for its console version.

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It’s currently not clear what features and maps will be available with the initial release of the PS4 game version, which could be released in this year’s last month if Microsoft had a year of exclusivity.

Nonetheless, hopefully, the developer’s “Fix PUBG” campaign will lead to some game-changing improvements for the release.

This is not the first time that a Korean Media Ratings board announcement has leaked for a fore coming game. Since PUBG has been launched on XBOX ONE and the only platform that is left is PS4 where it has not shown any dominance. The gaming geeks who are keen on to play this game should have to wait for some time before the exclusivity of the XBOX ONE ends.

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We will surely enjoy the marvels of this game as we did on the other platforms. To see how we could explore the ways to enjoy it, we need to wait until this year’s last month.

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