PUBG v6.2 update brings Team Deathmatch 8v8 mode, now live on the test server


Team Deathmatch has finally reached PUBG. The PUBG v6.2 update is now live on the test server and has introduced Team Deathmatch mode, along with a series of user interface changes, weapon balance settings and more. And in case you ask, PUBG Team Deathmatch is available both on the console and on the PC. It promises an exciting 8 vs. 8 combat experience spread across a total of four maps and seven battlefields. As usual, there will be unlimited reappearances and the first team to reach the target murder count ensures victory.

PUBG Team Deathmatch mode can be played on four maps and seven areas including Erangel (Stalber and Sosnovka military base), Sanhok (Paradise Resort and Docks), Vikendi (Podvosto and Peshkova) and Miramar (Military Field). The rules are simple. It will bring an 8v8 match with reappearance kits and reappearances enabled. The first team to obtain 50 murders wins the round (or the one with the highest death count in 10 minutes), and with two rounds ensures victory.

It should be noted that Team Deathmatch mode in PUBG will be only FPP (first person perspective) and will not support DBNO (Down But No Out). They shoot you, you die and then reappear with a short invincibility period. Murders and assists will fill the TDM booster meter, while individual scores will be rewarded with BP.

The PUBG development team says that more battlefields for Team Deathmatch will be added soon. In addition, new game modes have been triggered to reach the Arcade section in the near future. In addition to Team Deathmatch, the PUBG v6.2 update also brings changes in the balance of weapons and the spying mechanism, some adjustments have been made to the new Karakin map and adjustments have also been made to the effects of the Blue Zone. A parachute tracking function has also arrived to help teammates land together, along with improved blood effect, changes in masks and elements, an updated reproduction system and a ton of bug fixes. You can read the complete change log here.


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