Punisher season 3: is it cancelled? or it will be released anytime?

Punisher season 3

Steve Lightfoot’s one of the most priced possessions is that of the Marvel’s creation The Punisher. This series has the same name, and is no change to the digital adaptation of the Marvel’s comic character. It resembles a continuity to the rest of the franchise and is nothing but a variant of Marvel’s Daredevil. Just as the show was premiere, it became successful in winning the hearts of Marvel fans right then. The former seasons were undoubtedly mind blowing. However, Netflix canned this series as of now.

Punisher season 3 got cancelled:

After the hit of the 2 seasons, Netflix decided to cancel the show for the upcoming season. It has already got a record of scraping multiple Marvel shows earlier. Some of those series include the Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. The Punisher, too, seems to have got the same fate. The 2nd season of this show premiered in January 2019 and right after two months, the streamer had got to announce the cancellation of the show. However, this news didn’t shock too many viewers as there was nothing out of the box that happened between the relationship shared by Marvel and Netflix.

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Why was the Punisher Season 3 cancelled?

Netflix has currently bothered to cancel the show and the reason that it has sited behind taking such a decision is that Netflix has formerly signed a contract with Marvel in the year 2013 and it did so at the time when it was growing up to be a streaming giant. However, Netflix has currently said that it is now efficient to produce more hit shows now. Reports show that the viewership of the Marvel series has declined over the time. Also, these shows are quite expensive on the aspect of production and thus, it is generally considered to be ideal in taking down these shows from the featured list.

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Should we expect the Punisher sason 3 to be up anytime later?

Now that the show has been officially cancelled, it is really difficult for all of us to mention any exact release date for the same. Indeed, it is a tough deal to think of, and thus, you should not expect much either! Speculations say that Disney+ might pick it up for any other season. This relatively new streaming service platform might think of featuring the Marvel series and films to gain a good customer base.

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