Quality or Quantity for SEO Success? Tips to Enhance SEO Strategy in 2020


There is a popular belief that in search engine optimization, getting success is easy by producing content endlessly and publishing it online without considering its quality. No doubt content gets you the maximum amount of exposure; however, only relying in the content approach will provide you less than satisfactory results for your digital marketing efforts. Indeed, keywords research is the heart and soul of SEO that will surely garner more favor with search engines than with actual customers online. 

What most beginner and even expert SEO professionals do not realize that there should be an appropriate balance between content that is creatively based vs. the content that is optimized with the right keywords to make more sense in terms of SEO. Let use guide you to enhance the quality of your SEO rather than relying on the strategy of posting bulk quantity of content for mediocre results. 

  • Use Coherent Keywords Strategy in SEO 

For the success of search engine optimization, keywords research is important. However, if you only rely on one strategy of considering keyword density as important and ignore the other elements of keywords strategy, you will not naturally build the interest of your readers. The content that you plan to include to your website must be aligned with your overall SEO strategy, which is why; it should include incorporating relevant keywords because your readers will always read through the entire content piece to buy into your message. 

In creating an excellent piece of marketing content, keywords research is not the only primary goal in your dictionary. The nuances of the language you use must be consistent with the rest of the content on your website. This means that there should not be an instant change in tone that may confuse the readers. Always write the marketing copy with a sincere and genuine interest in the product or service of your organization. Make your audience feel heard; use a straightforward approach to show the value of your services of products to readers. 

  • Is your Content Fresh or Old? 
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When you fail to incorporate the hew thoughts and ideas into your marketing content or copy, you are bound to fall hard on the ground. This may include incorporating the culture of the industry on your site and finding out whether the content is fresh or not? 

Remember you are trying to make an impact on the reader with your marketing copy; a good copy is always optimized well for the search engines and written specifically to attract the readers on the Internet. These are the words of a most experienced SEO expert in Pakistan, Rizwan Zahid, who is fond of using the strategies to drive engagement with both content and keywords to boost client’s rankings. 

  • Create the SEO Content that Google Likes 
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Google is a grand daddy of all search engines in the ever-changing digital domain. Google’s changing algorithms evaluate your content and SEO on the basis of three things:

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trust and worth 

Always create a content that balances information with readability. This implies that the content should be relevant, engaging, and high-ranking. Google goes into great detail about what makes a good piece of content and how it is evaluated by the search algorithm.  Therefore, an unwise trick is to make content simply longer without optimization; even though the longer content is better ranked by the search engines. 

Longer content can surely engage more readers and this is what Google also likes. A Search Engine Land article states that most of the high ranking pages on Google are those with a longer content. It is the duty of SEO professionals to go through details of content and create a content piece to satisfy A to Z needs of the customers. Therefore, a detailed content can play a big part in improving the overall understanding of readers about the topic. 

Also, do not just slap the big lengthy content piece on your website without making bullet lists, numbers lists, or without giving it a professional look. You can also include some charts and images in the content to make it more information-intensive. 


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Remember that the goal of your SEO is not to simply play with the emotions of your readers, but to influence them and convince them to buy your product with effective marketing content. However, if the content is not keyword optimized, it can have negative implications on the success of your SEO. These above strategies will surely provide you a guideline to improve your copywriting and content optimization strategies. You need to pay much attention to kehowrds placement and optimization to ensure SEO success. Since many SEO beginners are not aware of the importance of keywords optimization, they fail to make a lucrative career in SEO trade. Now is your time to focus on your content optimization and development strategy to enhance your learning about SEO. 

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