Queen cops fired 60 shots at the wanted NYC gunman even as their persuasion didn’t bear any results

The last efforts by cops for the armed suspect to drop the gun bore no results. As the footage which was released by the NYPD, indicating that even the massive 59 police shots didn’t deter the suspect to drop the gun. His body has been worn on several places even as he didn’t make any efforts to drop the gun

The suspect Tyran Dent aged 24, fired five shots as part of his last efforts for an unsuccessful attempt to survive even as the counter firing by seven cops killed him

The footage showed that there has been a massive firing by cops given the intensity of the suspect who was wanted in various cases. He was charged for shooting as well as hurting two men and two women on September 20th

His last words clearly showed how he has been to jail before and he never wanted to be there again.

As the footage can give shiver to any person regarding the extent of heavy firing which was reported in the last few consequential minutes.

Dillon McKee and Stephen Keyes have released the footages. 

McKee shot all his 16 rounds from his 9mm handgun while his associate Keyes did the firing nine times, as per the records from the police. 

The incident has certainly shaken the serene surroundings of the area as the residents never suspected anything similar which could happen to them. 

The spine chilling incident has been recorded signaling the emphatic reality that bad deeds end with bad results. It is indeed a teaching for people who feel that they can get away with bad deeds so easily.

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