Rahul Vaidya kneels down to propose his girlfriend Disha Parmar in Big Boss 14

The season of Big Boss 14 is on the cards and there has been a shocker of sorts coming from Rahul Vaidya who named his girlfriend on national TV by proposing her. 

There has also been confession from her that he has been seeing her for the last two years now. 

The promo starts with Rahul saying about how special it is for him and that he has got a girl in his life namely Disha Parmar. Well, he begins by saying how nervous he has been to talk whether she is going to marry him. 

All were pleasantly shocked to see that Disha’s name was printed on Rahul’s T-shirt and he asked for permission  whether she wanted to marry her.

The day holds special significance for the couples especially, as it was the birthday of Disha on Nov.11 and he wanted to cache on this important day to the fullest. 

As rumors would have it, they have been dating for a long time now. However, they have always denied it saying that they were just friends and nothing more than that. 

Now, it is clear, that Rahul was actually waiting for the right time to creating a pleasant situation. ]

It seems that love is in the air and rightly so, as the timing can’t be more perfect and appropriate for the couples to showcase their love for each other with Rahul asking for permission to marry her.

The whole ambience has been romantic as the cutest couples wanted to make this moment special and priceless.

They have been together for some time now and considering the birthday of the lady, Rahul couldn’t have found a better time to showcase his feelings for her in style. 

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