Rajini Chandy: Trolled for her sexy photos

Recently, Rajini Chandy had shared a few images from her dairy of glamorous photoshoot right on her Facebook account. We wonder if she hardly had any idea that those images would go viral and attract such vicious trolls. Whatsoever, this 69 years old housewife turned actress was generally seen in elegant colorful sarees and long dresses. She was even seen in a few jumpsuits, and distressed jeans in her pics. 

All these attracted the trolls of the people, and one of her images even portrayed her wearing a short denim dress. She was also seen to be wearing a crown of fresh white flowers that were probably plucked from her own garden. However, she was looking really stunning in all the pics. Although no one could actually anticipate the fact that those images would go viral, but they did! 

Rajini Chandy: Bold and beautiful

In a local press of the southern state of Kerala, this picture was described as “Bold and beautiful,” and the photoshoot has actually raised the hackles of several people in such a conservative state where most of the women are still seen to have dressed modestly either in long skirts or in saris. Mrs Chandy has reported to the BBC about the mastermind of the photoshoot which is none other than captured by a 29 years old photographer, Athira Joy who is known for her unconventional work. 

She said that Indian women are usually seen to spend their lives being caged in the system of marriage and raising women and they are often seen to have given up on their lives until they turn to be 60 and ultimately, they aspire to become nannies to their grandchildren. On the contrary, Chandy kept herself fit in all aspects. 

However, that’s not going to be the scenario with Rajani, Joy believes! The latter even said that her own mother is 65 years old and she is just like a typical Indian woman who suffers from all kinds of health complications that 60 plus women usually see, but Rajani is somewhat different, and the best part is that she is fit and bold. She is beautiful in her own way, and Rajani seemed to be just 29 years old as Athira even while she is originally 69 years old.

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