Recognized for their U.S. Veteran Support – Allied Wallet and CEO Ahmad Khawaja

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Dr. Ahmad Khawaja and Allied Wallet is a global leading provider of mainstream online payment processing. Allied Wallet and the CEO were recently presented with a certificate of appreciation for the generous donations and devotion that the company has shown to Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Allied Wallet and its philanthropist, CEO has come up with continual support for many causes and this went on for over a decade now. A large part of its outreach was dedicated to the United States Veterans. Allied Wallet has made significant contributions to various groups such as the Wounded Warrior Project, American Red Cross, ASACP, After-School All-Stars, Brent Shapiro Foundation, Eagle and Badge Foundation, Action Innocence, From the Heart Productions, Hope for Change International, Los Angeles Police Canine Association, and the STAR Team for the Children.

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Allied Wallet has made several contributions to the groups, and all that the company has made, will eventually bring success to the economy as a whole. The company will never set back to contribute to the society for the CEO truly believes that a joint effort can help the young entrepreneurs to achieve all the success.

Allied Wallet: Meant to leverage our ‘Fintech’ success

Allied Wallet along with the team feel that it is a part of the organization’s responsibility to leverage the ‘Fintech’ success to give back to groups like Paralyzed Veterans of America and a lot more. Dr. Ahmad Khawaja says that he has got a special place in his heart for these groups which honor those who have got protected freedoms and allow us to do business as we do. He thus, said that he is extremely grateful for the same. Allied Wallet has been in the business of connecting buyers and sellers.

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The company has thus, been enabling them to transact securely online. The company has always made an attempt to satisfy the customers and thus, provide them with an enriched user experience. As a result, Allied Wallet has been in the motif to do good for the struggling business houses, thereby helping the young aspirants do something of their own, and attain heights that they have been craving for!

Ahmad Khawaja: True dedication to customers, clients and other global communities

Veterans protect the ability of the people all over the world to enjoy certain freedoms and luxuries. Khawaja added that Allied Wallet has been making attempts to help today’s youth with their growing business. Allied Wallet seems to be truly dedicated to their clients, customers, and global communities.

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CEO Ahmad Khawaja proudly accepted the award on behalf of the Allied Wallet. He has always been striving for the betterment of the company, and that wasn’t just limited to his business sector. He had also been thinking of ways to help new businesses and startups to make their own achievements and thus, make a place for themselves in the world.

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