Resident Evil 2 Remake Sales Top 5 million, beating the original game


You may be constantly approaching your first anniversary, but Capcom is critically acclaimed Resident Evil 2 continues to make headlines and for all the right reasons.

The reinvented survival horror, which recently received a Game of the Year gong (with more possibilities along the way), has once again placed the iconic series in the spotlight to retake its crown as the king of survival horror. That being the case, then, it is hardly a surprise that Leon and Claire's meticulously elaborate return to Raccoon City has resulted in an impressive amount of sales.

In fact, thanks to a press release provided yesterday by the Japanese studio, the total sales of the remake officially reached the 5 million mark. A huge achievement in its own right, no doubt, but of particular importance compared to the original 1998, which represents total lifetime sales of 4.96 million. A small margin of difference, relatively speaking, of course, but it is worth bearing in mind that this year's recreation still has less than 12 months, so one can expect that gap to widen further.

"The Resident Evil series has received high praise from both fans and international media," reads the statement, adding "with Resident Evil 2, a new version released in January this year, achieving more than 5 million units in sales. "

Fantastic news for Capcom and fans alike, and both camps will certainly expect to see Resident Evil 3The long-awaited new version continues that streak of success. Officially revealed yesterday during the presentation of Sony's game state after several leaks, Jill Valentine's own survival story against the horde of undead and the terrifying Umbrella Nemesis will arrive next year, April 3, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Can Capcom achieve what seems impossible and offer an even greater experience than Resident Evil 2? Too soon to tell, but the first signs are promising, to say the least. The exaggerated train is full steam ahead.


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