Review of the Yeedi K600 robot vacuum cleaner: excellent cleaning without complexity


Robot vacuum cleaners have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. Some would say that they have also become increasingly unnecessarily complicated. The Yeedi K600 is custom made for those people. With a set of basic features and an extremely simple operation, it adapts well to users of robot vacuum cleaners for the first time and to any other person who wants a low-maintenance domestic helper.


The K600 measures 13 x 12.8 x 3.1 inches and weighs a little more than 6.5 pounds. A single button on the top of its scratch-resistant glass lid activates automatic cleaning. There are a couple of rotating side brushes at the bottom, along with a V-shaped nylon and rubber swivel brush that agitates dirt and helps lift pet hair. Two driving wheels and an omnidirectional support wheel allow the vacuum to maneuver all types of domestic terrain.

A 0.6 liter dustbin is placed on the back of the vacuum. Accessories include a charging base and an AC power block, remote control and two AAA batteries, and a multifunction cleaning tool.

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Yeedi carpet K600 Yeedi

The suction power can be doubled to better remove the hair from the carpets.

Configuration and performance

Preparing the K600 is simple and straightforward: first turn on the two side brushes and then turn on the power switch on the side of the vacuum. Plug the charging base into a power outlet and set the vacuum on the charging pins of the base. The K600 takes approximately four hours to fully charge and gives you approximately 110 minutes of cleaning time per charge. It will return to the base each time the battery is running out or a cleaning cycle ends.

You can start a cleaning cycle by pressing the button on the top of the vacuum or with the remote control. The K600 has three cleaning modes: automatic cleaning, which can be activated from the vacuum cleaner or from the remote control, starts a random cleaning pattern that is optimized for carpets. You can double the suction power by double clicking on the vacuum button. Edge and Spot modes, which can be selected only on the remote control, clean around the perimeter of the room or a concentrated land area respectively. You can also steer the vacuum manually using the directional buttons on the remote control.

I used the K600 for daily maintenance of my ground floor level, which includes hardwood, carpet and throw carpet. He did a decent job of vacuuming dust, crumbs of food and other debris from each of those surfaces, but I discovered that the turbo suction configuration was necessary to get the pets' hair out of the carpet. However, the pattern of random cleaning of the vacuum cleaner is not the most efficient, and I discovered that some areas received more attention than others.

Yeedi sofa k600 Yeedi

The low profile of the K600 allows to easily pass under the furniture.

The vacuum usually had no problems moving from one type of floor to another, nor did it get stuck very often. But without any limit control, for example, magnetic tape, it was imperative that it clear the floor completely. The few times the vacuum got stuck, it was in a section of the carpet that had risen from the floor. In these cases, it would stop and emit a persistent beep. All I had to do was reset the vacuum and press the Auto button to resume cleaning.

The garbage can is large enough that I only had to empty it once per cleaning cycle. It is easily removed from the vacuum just by pressing the release button and opens with little effort, so it does not release a cloud of dust when it is emptied.


If you are looking for a vacuum without luxuries to clean a relatively small space, the Yeedi K600 will serve you well. However, for the same price, you can get the Ecovacs Deebot N79S, our current favorite budget vacuum cleaner robot, which includes application control and voice control enabled for Amazon Alexa. These intelligent functions provide an additional degree of convenience without adding too much complexity.

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