Rhea Chakraborty’s interviews: SSR’s Brother-in-law Vishal Kirti

Recently, there’s a huge buzz in the social media about SSR’s death as everyone wants to know the reason behind his death. There’s a mystery about it and everyone wants to decode it some way or the other. Actor SSR’s Brother-in-law, Vishal Kriti tried to clarify Rhea Chakraborty’s allegations against SSR’s family in the latest interview. She said that SSR never had a good relationship with his father and she even said that he had started taking drugs even before meeting her but he had gradually reduced its intake over the time. Vishal Kriti finally said that all these allegations were just made by Rhea to cover up all that she has done. She said so in front of the CBI only after the drug angel came up. 

Rhea’s PR machinery got into the force

The investigation, as done by the Narcotics Control Bureau had eventually exposed some big names from the industry and that’s the reason for which the entire machinery came into the picture. He even talked of the Mumbai Police and that’s when he reported that SSR was googling about “painless death” prior to his death. On the contrary, his recent search history said that he has been searching about properties in Himachal Pradesh, Coorg and Kerala. He went on adding onto it saying that mental health is being made as an issue only to cover up her own guilt.

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