Risk of Rain 2 : How to unlock Characters & How to Choose the Best Character [Update]

The Risk of Rain 2 was released in 2019 by Hopoo Games and within a month it crossed one million sold over different platforms. The game was highly popular because of the developer of the game he transformed the game 2D to 3D interface and the game became most popular. Other than there is an adventure type of role to a player, surviving on a different planet. On that, every movable zombie tries to kill the player.

The game is similar to the other game in that the player has to kill the alien, bosses, monsters and collect the coins, currencies and boost your strength and weapons. There is no doubt that the game is amazing to play and complete the missions. It is more exciting if the player can get a new character by unlocking the characters. Before the update of the game, there are many characters you can unlock by paying. But after the update the latest version of it having the number of unlock able characters is increased in the game and the players are feeling difficult to unlock them.

How to Unlock the characters: Risk of Rain 2

The players can be tired by seeing and playing with the same characters again and again. The latest version comes with lots of new characters but the way to unlock it’s not easy. The below given guide will definitely help them to unlock the players of their choice and have lots of fun while playing.

The latest version consists of nine playable characters in the game. You can easily select the same characters with multiplayer. Without updating the game consisted of six unlockable players and they are Comando, Engineer, Mercenary, Mul-T, Huntress, and Artificer. After the update, the three more characters included Rex, Loader, and Acrid. For unlocking the new character you have to finish the levels or mission of the games.

The guide to unlocking the characters: Risk of Rain 2 mentioned below:


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It’s the first default character of the game and does not need any special method to unlock the character. Whenever the player starts the game this character gets automatically unlocked.



It is a type of robot character with a highly equipped tool. You will get this character just by playing the game five times and easily you get access to this character. The player must complete the mission of the first teleporter five times.



Huntress is a highly movable character but it has huge damage output. The attack of this character is also slow and weak compared to the others. This character is easily unlocked by playing the game and completing the 1,2,3 level in one go without dying.



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It’s a complicated character and easily accessible but needs time to get the unlock. The player needs to finish the Engineering Perfection round with thirty teleporter events. You have to play smoothly.



The most amazing and thrilling way to unlock this character. You need 10 lunar coins and frees the Artificer from the new shop. And the lunar coins you get from the enemies while fighting. You have to click on the blue portal in the shop to unlock this character.


It is also a well equipped and skilled survivor. For unlocking this character you have to complete the seventh stage of the game. Lunar coins will help you to unlock this character as the previous you do with the coins.



It’s a new character and it is a formation of the plant and the robot. It has the devastating skill to make this character more powerful to complete the game in one go. It’s only unlocked by completing the power plant challenge.

To unlock the most powerful character you have to fill your battery with a fuel array. If the fuel array is with you you can easily unlock it but make sure you have to play safe and do not go below 50%. The huntress and Mercenary will help you out to clear this stage and unlock the player.


It is a slow character but powerful it can damage the immune system. To clear the Guidance Offline Challenge to unlock the Loader. You have defeated the boss of the Siren’s Call. There are small blue eggs and you have to destroy them. Until the popup sounds come till then you have destroyed it.


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It is also a new character in the Risk Of Ruin 2. It has a special power to melt the enemies. For this, you have to clear a To Be Left Alone challenge. You have to save the Cell in the Void Fields, there are nine void cells that are charged. Do the fights with enemies to get save the void cells and unlock this character.

I hope above all the guidance will help you unlock your favorite characters.

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