Rob Zombie 3 from hell is heading to shudder next month


Rob Zombie has not been asked for Threequel 3 from hell It will be available to watch on Shudder's horror broadcast service next month, and the movie will land on the platform on February 13.

For those who have not seen it yet, the photo is a follow-up of the grindhouse setbacks 1000 corpses house Y The Devil's Rejected, returning to the end of the latter who saw the three surviving members of the murderous Firefly clan die in a shower of bullets, after Zombie changed his mind about killing them unequivocally to avoid any possibility of a sequel.

They survive their multiple gunshot wounds and a "one million" chance of surviving the surgery, and the film misses the opportunity to truly embrace the connotations of its title by causing them to survive by being so evil that the underworld spit them out. backing out. After Captain Spaulding is executed, Otis and Baby end up escaping from prison and with the help of Otis' half-brother, hitherto mentioned, Foxy, the trio embarks on another uproar in the countryside spitting nihilistic cod philosophy and killing to nonsense whims. This sees them stalking and killing people because that's all they are good for, despite the anti-establishment heroes Zombie continually tries to paint them, because he has always found psychopaths and murderers much more interesting than those whose lives they just want destroy .

The film itself is a generic orgy of senseless violence, and is only notable for being one of the last screen presentations of horror legend Sig Haig, who unfortunately died last year at the age of 80, and its deterioration Health was the reason for his lack of time in front of the screen in the movie.

Of course, Shudder also hosts a variety of other independent horrors if you're not interested. 3 from hell, like the ghost story of Laos Dear sister, nasty French revenge movie Revenge, Japanese found horror comedy zombie movie footage A cut of the deadand punk slasher The ranger, and to be honest, it would probably be better to see any of those instead of the three statements mentioned above.

Source: Disgusting bloody


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