Ronald D. Moore has spoken with Sam Esmail about the reboot of Battlestar Galactica


Believe it or not, but we are only a few years away from twentieth Anniversary of the restart of Ronald D. Moore of Battlestar Galactica. Where is the time going? After a cyber race known as the Cylons swept through the Twelve Colonies and murders billions, the surviving humans manage to escape aboard Battlestar Galactica, a military ship, as well as a civilian fleet, and take off in search of a legendary colony known as Earth. Although the ending didn't please everyone, Battlestar Galactica was still an incredible series, so naturally they are bringing it back.

It was announced last year that Mr. Robot's creator, Sam Esmail, would lead a reboot of Battlestar Galactica for the next NBC Universal streaming service, Peacock. However, although it is still known as a restart, Esmail has previously stated that its take will be do not be a remake of the Ronald D. Moore series, saying: "We will explore a new story within mythology while remaining true to the spirit of Battlestar."Given the apparent connection between the two programs, it is natural for Esmail to communicate with Moore. While talking with Variety, Moore seems quite optimistic about the new series.

Sam called me and was very kind, he didn't tell me the story, so I don't know. But he said his plans and he was not going to restart the program and broadcast it again, but he wanted to do something in the same universe. Sam is amazing and I love him ‘Mr. Robot. "I thought, you know," You are an amazing guy and an amazing writer, go with God! "

The Sam Esmail series is not the only Battlestar Galactica project in progress, since Francis Lawrence (RED SPARROW) has also been in charge of directing an adaptation of the story on the big screen for several years. Jay Basu, the writer of THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER & # 39; S WEB, had the task of rewriting the script that was previously written by Lisa Joy (Westworld), but it has been a while since we last heard a lot about the project . Lawrence had previously said that he is a big fan of both the original series and the reboot of Ronald D. Moore, and that the film would include some winks to both shows. "There will definitely be visual assents. We are all fans of both series, so there will definitely be assents, but to make it worth it, we have to have our own opinion,"Lawrence said."Without going into too many details, there are thematic things that make it relevant today. What makes something interesting is if there is relevance to the world we live in now … I think we have also found something else to say, which I think is great."

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