Rumors and news around on the end of Tik Tok’s service

Tik Tok

Is Tik Tok App really going to shut down? Byte dance has given the answer for the rumors about shutting down. But before going straight to the point we would want to shed some light on its journey so far.

Tik Tok: A social media app which not only helps the users to create and share videos but also helps in broadcasting live videos. It was 2016 when it was first introduced to the digital world, Byte dance launched in China before expanding their business to all over the world. They used the name Douyin (Vibrato short video) in China and later, they extended it to other parts of the world with branding it as Tik Tok to attract the youth and the teenagers.

To make a name for themselves in the musical short video world they even bought the other social media app ‘’ for $1 billion dollars. The Byte dance aims to buy this social media platform was to leverage the US digital platform’s young user base.

 Now, we will cut to the chase and get straight to the rumor which claimed Tik Tok will shut down soon.

As it was seen on Twitter that a screenshot was shared of the official US account. The screenshot appeared to convey that the Tik Tok will be ending their service very soon. As soon as the tweet went viral a lot of commotion emerged in fans’ mind. The official Tik Tok US account blasted a brief tweet dubbing the rumor ‘#Fake news’. As of now, we are using the Tik Tok app to make some funny and creative videos and it is true that they are not going to end their service any time soon.

Although the screenshot made its rounds on social media, the tweet by no means truly existed. And fans of Tik Tok are relieved to know this good news.

We as a user cannot think of any other best short video making app like Tik Tok, thanks to Byte dance for making this creative app for the youth. Tik Tok had garnered a lot of fans over the course of short time span and we hope that it continues to do so. We also hope that they will bring some more innovative editing things in the app which will make us indulge in it even more.

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