Rumors on What 5G phones could support and bring to the tech market

5g phone

We are living in an era where almost everything is possible via technology and technological advancement can be best exemplified by AI (Artificial intelligence). The things that researchers and developers have already surpassed are really very commendable. For instance, we know the Amazon’s Alexa has become so smart with its helping nature just because of the AI and as we proceed in this advancement, we are going to get some part of it in 5G mobile phones as well.

It was not long ago that we were getting acclimatized to the 4G mobile phones and in no time here we are talking about the 5G phones and its technology. Such is the advancement of technology.

So, what exactly 5G phones will bring?

 5G technology is in the works and rumours suggest it is going to bring the blistering speed, capacity and coverage, as well as brand new applications and services. To take advantage of the 5G technology we will be needing 5G smartphones. Not many of the manufacturers have confirmed the time when they are launching 5G handsets, except Mi mix 3, xiaomi has said it could land in the first quarter of 2019.

Due to restrictions in bandwidth, latency and uniformity the 4G phones limit what can be done with applications such as Augmented reality and virtual reality. ABI research anticipates that 5G will bring about a 10X improvement in throughput, a 10X decrease in latency, a 100X improvement in traffic capacity and network efficiency will see a 100X improvement over 4G and will open the doors for a better VR and AR experience.

5G handsets will support Virtual reality and augmented reality applications better

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How Augmented reality benefits our generation?  This might be the question you are asking yourself right now if you are not acquainted with the word Augmented reality. Do not worry, we have got you covered if you don’t know it already. It has benefited us in many ways, for example, being able to see how we are going to look in the new dress or before a new haircut is how it has helped us. And also, Google’s Translate app to translate content such as menus or signs marks the beginning of it helping us in our everyday lives.

Soon we could be using the AR on 5G smartphones to check out the availability of stock which we desire to buy while we pass by any shop. Evaluating waiting time for a table in a restaurant will become easier, or even finding friends in a crowd will be an easy task using AR in our smartphones.

Even with the Virtual Reality, we can do things like watching a sporting event over social media, playing online VR games wherever we are, and streaming VR content with the 5G speed will give a truly immersive experience. With 5G phones, this all things can be attainable easily.

We are ready to take the experience of this virtual world in our 5G handsets. All we have to do is get one 5G supporting smartphone as soon as it is available in the market.

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