Sabrina takes a summer job as Queen of Hell in new trailer


The chilling adventures of Sabrina returns to Netflix next week, and a new breakthrough reveals what horrors this season has in store.

A teaser in the form of a music video hinted at some of the chilling plots in the store, and also the fact that Sabrina would become a cheerleader. The first full trailer plunges into horrors without the aesthetics of the pop music video: Sabrina will go to hell to rescue her boyfriend, and could destroy the whole world by doing so.

But common sense never stopped stubborn Sabrina. He will do it his way or on the road, even if his path involves taking the mantle of the Queen of Hell, and apparently stealing it from Madame Satan, who worked his ass last season to claim it. Well, Sabrina is Lucifer's daughter anyway! Divine law, amirita?

"Being queen of hell is not just a summer job," Aunt Zelda reprimands.

However, if there is someone who can balance the life of adolescence and hellish duties, it is Sabrina, whose talent and determined determination never lets anyone depress her.

The chilling adventures of Sabrina Part 3 arrives on Netflix on January 24.


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