Safari Etiquette

Safari Etiquette

Whether you are planning to take your whole family on vacation, planning for a honeymoon or a solo vacation is more your style, a visit to the African safaris is always a great idea and will prove to be an experience you and your loved ones will remember for a long time. However, as with any other adventure, there are a few rules you have to follow when visiting a place such as Safari Parks; otherwise, a memorable trip can quickly turn into a hazardous scary trip. 

Don’t Engage with the Animals: 

The animals on the African safari are not tame or trained to stay away from people. They are wild animals in their natural habitat, and for your safety and theirs, it is essential you remember not to engage with them in any way or form. Calling them towards you with gestures, food, or other actions such as shouting, clapping, or whistling can have two types of negative effects: 

  • The wild animals will get scared and move further away from you causing you to lose the opportunity to admire their beauty
  • Loud noises may trigger larger animals or herds to charge towards you, which can put you, your guide, the people around you, as well as the other smaller animals in the nearby area in great danger. 

Don’t Leave Anything Behind: 

African safaris are usually located in remote parts of the continent. Therefore, it is important to remember to be extremely respectful towards the natural environment and not leave any traces of trash or other materials that can cause harm to the environment. It is also important to avoid actions that endanger wildlife, such as: 

  • Throwing littler out of the window of your car
  • Leaving the designated roads and driving in bushes
  • Taking parts of plants or natural materials from the wildlife parks and reserves
  • Smoking while on the safari 
  • Feeding the animals

Be Respectful Towards Other Guests: 

For many people, a wildlife safari experience in Africa is a once in a lifetime opportunity; therefore, it is important to respect the privacy and rights of all visitors at all times. It is important to avoid: 

  • Talking too loudly or making any other form of noise
  • Blocking the view of other individuals while trying to take photos and make videos yourself. 
  • Interrupting your tour guide while they are explaining something or distracting them while actively on the tour

Be Courteous to the Locals: 

The local communities make up an important part of the safari experience. Getting to meet them and learning their traditions is also a once in a lifetime opportunity. Therefore it is important to be courteous towards them and not invade their privacy too much. It is also important to ask your guide about actions you have to avoid that can be offensive to the locals. It also a good idea to avoid a few things completely when visiting a local community: 

  • Giving candy to the children
  • Giving money as a gift
  • Taking photos or shooting videos of the locals without asking permission

These few simple rules can be easily followed when going on a safari, and they can enhance your experience and the experience of others around you. 

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