Salma Hayek, Slips Into Sleek Black OnePiece

There is nothing like that of slipping into such a sexy swimsuit and Salma Hayek did exactly that which she had further revealed in her latest Instagram post. Salma Hayek who is currently 54 years old ended things up in a big way all across social media. Also, the gorgeous actress had shared a new picture of herself when she was wearing a one piece swimsuit and heating the pool. It showed that she was almost fully submerged in the water with the head tilted back in such a way that just her face was lying above the surface. Her eyes appeared to be closed as she tilted her glowing face towards the sun to capture some bit of sun rays. 

Salma posting sexy photos on her Instagram account


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Salma rocked a plunging one piece bathing suit that had a few fringes detailed all across the neckline also down the center. Besides, her hair was lying down while it was cascading into the water. Her hands were combing just through it. Salma has posted a similar kind of pic to show off her Sunday vibes. She wore a red one piece in that image. Salma doesn’t at all seem to be shy while posting sexy photos on Instagram handles. 

It is also evident that she went out to enjoy a tropical vacation at the beach earlier during this month. She did not hide the fact and thus, shared a lot of such contents with her fans as well. She even sat in the shallow water wearing a black bikini. She rocked the sexy green dress in the shot with carefully placed cutouts while celebrating the fan base of 17 million followers on instagram. However, she does not only share swimsuit pics, but also shares several photos that reminds of her movies, the ones that she starred in! 


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