Samsung and Google to launch a new messaging app in partnership

The company Samsung states that it is working alongside internet giant Google Incorporation. The goal is to be able to provide customers with a better messaging experience. The experiences do include group chats, video calls and also being able to transfer large files without requiring any added applications. This strategic move is coming at a time when most of the people in the world are hooked on to messenger applications like WhatsApp and WeChat instead of using the traditional form of messaging.

This particular collaboration does ensure that Samsung Messages and Android Messages will be working together seamlessly and will also boost coverage of the RCS which is an upgrade considering the SMS message system. This has been reported by the Yonhap news agency.

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The South Korean technology giants released a statement that they will be working to bring RCS features into the existing phones. It is going to begin with the Samsung models Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

It did also state that the new smartphones are going to be supporting RCS messaging. Samsung believes in bringing in a richer messaging experience to their customers while partnering up with Google. The messaging experience will let a person chat along with their family, friends and messaging platform. This has been stated by the executive vice president of Samsung mobiles Mr. Pattrick Comet.

He further states that the collaboration is going to help further up the industry momentum towards global RCS coverage and advanced messaging.

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This particular partnership is also going to be furthering the shared vision that both the companies are known to have substantially improved the messaging experience on the Android platform for brands, users along with the broader Android ecosystem.

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