Samsung Galaxy S12: Korean brand plans to give 50 % more than S10

samsung galaxy s12 release date

Samsung Galaxy S Series is the top-selling brand from Samsung Flagship with Samsung Galaxy S12 phone the most awaited mobile phone in the world, so we are here with rumours and specifications about this upcoming device.

Mobile experts predict this phone to be a mystery phone which will change the meaning of Android phones. Samsung is working on a new Android OS for Galaxy S12 phone to provide the users with lot of latest and unique features. According to various web reports, this device will come with compelling specs and features and these advance next-gen specs can make it a complete package.

Processor, RAM & OS:

This upcoming device will come with a powerful processor and a supreme GPU. News says that a new Snapdragon Processor is being made for it and it will bear an advanced processor which will increase the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S12 phone.

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There is no confirmation on the exact RAM, but this phone is rumoured to come with an even increased RAM, supposedly of 10GB. This kind of powerful RAM will make the things smoother in Samsung Galaxy 12.

This upcoming phone will come with a new model of the Android Operating System to increase the performance matrix of the S12 phone.

Battery life TWICE as much as Galaxy S10:

Samsung Galaxy S12 is in talk to have a 35% performance boost compared to the Samsung Galaxy S10 range with the help of breakthrough in its fabrication process of making the Exynos chips that powers the Galaxy smartphones. The new technique will give the company at least a 12-month lead on the competition in moving to the 3nm process that will result in a 50 percent boost in battery life just in time for the Galaxy S12.

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Built and Battery:

The next-generation Samsung Galaxy S flagship smartphone could offer never-before-seen battery life improvements with its  2020 Launch which could facilitate Samsung to brilliantly reduce the thickness of the device to have the same battery life as the Galaxy S10 with a elegant handset.

samsung s12

Release Date:

The first 3-nanometre system-on-a-chip, which will be used in smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, is reportedly to be tested in second half of 2019, with volume manufacturing to kickstart in 2020. A further refinement for higher-performance chips, like graphics processors and AI chips used in data centres should arrive in 2021. That means we’re likely to see these battery-boosting chipsets ready in time to power the flagship Samsung Galaxy S12, which should launch in late 2020 or early 2021– provided that the South Korean company sticks with its typical launch schedule.

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Are you happy with Samsung’s new strategy with their upcoming phone? Do you have any suggestions for this upcoming flagship phone? Let us know in the comment section below.

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