Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a beautiful phone, until you touch it


The Galaxy Z Flip has a magnificent glossy finish that has a weakness: fingerprints.

Patrick Holland / CNET

On Tuesday at the Samsung Unpacked event in San Francisco, the new Galaxy Z Flip It was announced. The phone, which has an ultra-thin glass screen, folds in half to form a perfect square, like the Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP. But it's the outside of the bright $ 1,380 folding phone That catches our attention … or rather our fingerprints.

The Galaxy Z Flip is an absolute spot magnet. In the demonstration area at the Palace of Fine Arts, nearby Samsung employees dot rows of Z Flip demonstration phones, each of which has a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Among the testers, each phone is cleaned with the vigor of Monica Geller de Friends. To be fair, most product launches have people whose only job is to clean a shiny new device. But the Galaxy Z Flip, more than most Samsung phones, seems to be especially prone to stains.

The flip phone rival of the Z Flip, the Motorola Razr is also prone to stains, but not so much. The Razr, made with a combination of Gorilla Glass 3, stainless steel and plastic, receives a good amount of fingerprints. But when it comes to collecting and displaying oils from your fingers, the Z Flip easily outperforms the Razr.

However, not everyone thinks that the Z Flip collects fingerprints from the crime scene. CNET senior editor Vanessa Orellana-Hand said: "I don't think the finish is worse than normal Galaxy phones of the previous generation."

And yet, while watching practical videos and watching photos of people driving the Galaxy Z Flip, you can't see the spots. Maybe it's time to buy a case to cover them all?

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