Samsung Galaxy Z Flip sold out in the UAE


Samsung launched its second folding phone, the Galaxy Z Flip along with the Samsung Galaxy S20 series on February 11. While the S20 series will launch in early March, pre-orders for the Galaxy Z Flip began immediately after the launch announcement with the initial units set for shipment February 14.

If you haven't booked one yet, now you'll have to wait a little longer, since Samsung is sold out on the Galaxy Z Flip. TechRadar was monitoring local retailers online and although there was availability available until today morning, it now appears that all assigned units have been purchased and the next lot lands on February 18.

Samsung has confirmed through a press release that the Galaxy Z Fold is sold out, although the number of units that were made available is not mentioned. You can watch our practical video with the Galaxy Z Flip. [/ embed]

Galaxy Z Flip comes with 256 GB of internal storage for AED 5,499.00 in two colors Mirror Black and Mirror Purple. You can preorder it now if you wish to receive your unit before February 18.


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